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Cameroon Elite One Eyoh Talks Post Match Reactions and Analysis Tactical Analysis

Union Douala 2-0 PWD Bamenda Post Match Analysis

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Post Match Tactical Analysis: Union Douala 2-0 PWD Bamenda as it happened

PWD bow out of the match with a 2-0 defeat to Union Douala thanks to Union Douala’s first half double.

Union Douala 2-0 PWD Bamenda MATCH FACTS

First Half Analysis Union Douala 2-0 PWD Bamenda

The two sides started the game with poor display. However PWD Bamenda came into the game just after four minutes of play before conceding to Union  Douala in the 14th minute from a threatening cross. Union Douala extended their lead in the 22nd minute from a Haschou Kerrido error.

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First Half tactical Analysis

Union Douala may be leading at half time but they are the poorer side with lack of balance from every corner of the field. Their only strength being the long balls from back to front and the dangerous crosses into PWD’s box. Also, the fact that PWD uses 3 at the back means Union can easily penetrate with their long balls from back to the wings.

PWD Bamenda have been superior numerically, positionally, aerially since conceding the second goal in the 22nd minute but the lack understanding in the final third means they have more work to do and this could explain the reason why they have 8 goals in their previous nine games despite never losing. Also, poor crosses and shooting means PWD has again even more work if they have to win a point or all three points against Union. Apart from the Haschou Kerrido error leading to the second goal, the Cameroon CHAN 2021 goalkeeper has been great on the ball.


Second Half Analysis, Union Douala 0-0 PWD Bamenda

It has really been an entertaining display in the second half. The second half saw PWD Bamenda out possessing Union Douala but still find no way to put the ball at the back of Union Douala’s net.  Union Douala was out there defending like prime Jose Mourinho. switching between deep to low block and vice versa.

Second Half tactical Analysis

With their first half 2-0 advantage, Union Douala came in the second half with due intentions to defend deep. The coach seems to have switched from his initial 4:4:2 first half formation to a 4:5:1 to counter PWD’s 5 men midfield from all vertical angles of play. However with PWD’s individual brilliance, they were able to get through on many occasions but still the lack of understanding and clinicality in the final third was a major hurdle. The current Elite One champions had nothing but to go home in defeat.

It should be noted that this is PWD Bamenda’s first lost in 10 games this season. Also This is Union Douala’s first win since the 3th of April and their second win of the season.

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