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Messi refuses to celebrate Instagram landmark amidst online abuse

Messi refuses to celebrate Instagram landmark amidst online abuse - Banner advertising service

Lionel Messi just reached 200 Million followers on Instagram and refuses to celebrate amidst Social media and or Online Abuse

Two days ago, Barcelona skipper, Lionel Messi reached a landmark 200 Million followers on Instagram. Instead of the of celebrating, the skipper took on his social media account to denounce online abuse.

Lionel Messi: “I see that i have just reached 200M followers on Instagram, but given what is happening today, i am not going to take it as a reason to celebrate.”

Lionel Messi: “I think the time has come to give importance to the people behind each profile, to realize that behind each account there is a person of flesh and blood.”

Lionel Messi: “We live together seeing and experiencing abuse, more of it and worse each time on each network, without anyone doing anything to stop it.”

Lionel Messi: “I would like you, the 200 million people who follow me, to become 200 million motivations to make social media networks safe and respectful places.”


Lets take a look at some online abuses from English Premier league

Willian (Arsenal)

Earlier this year, Willian shared a screenshot of racist messages he received on Instagram.
Arsenal quickly spoke out against the abuse but there has since been a spate of racist attacks on Premier League footballers online.

David McGoldrick (Sheffield United)

David McGoldrick scored twice against Chelsea last July, helping Sheffield United to a famous 3-0 win.

After the game, he was targeted with vile racist abuse through DMs on Instagram.

McGoldrick commented: “2020 and this is life”.

Tyrone Mings (Aston villa)

As recently as last month, Tyrone Mings was racially abused on social media.

“Please don’t feel sorry for us, just stand side by side in the fight for change.

“Social media isn’t getting any safer without it…”

Tammy Abraham (Chelsea)

Tammy Abraham on being abused on social media:

“In my head I was wondering if it was worth all the stress because I was getting abused on Twitter.

“There were a lot of racist comments, people saying I wasn’t good enough to be playing for Chelsea.”

Reece James (Chelsea) on racism

Reece James: “I think if you are a player that has faced racial abuse you should come out and say it.
“A lot of people have a lot to say when you’re doing well and when you’re not doing so well. You should definitely come out and talk about it.”

Wilfried Zaha (Crystal Palace)

In February, Wilfried Zaha stopped taking the knee before matches.
He told the Financial Times: “Trying to get the meaning behind it, it’s becoming something that we just do now and that’s not enough for me.
“Unless action is going to happen, don’t speak to me about it.”

Thierry Henry (Montreal FC)

Thierry Henry quit social media due to the lack of progress in the fight against racism.
He said he would not return “until the people in power are able to regulate their platforms with the same vigour and ferocity that they currently do when you infringe copyright.”

Henry: “The sheer volume of racism, bullying and resulting mental torture to individuals is too toxic to ignore. There has to be some accountability. It is far too easy to create an account, use it to bully and harass without consequence and still remain anonymous.”

There a lot and countless cases like this around the world right. The question remain that what is really the cause? Who can we tackle it?

Does it really have to be this way? Of course NOT.



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