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Lets take on a detailed look on why the proposed European Super League will kill football in the near future.

The biggest proponents of a European Super League seem to be the continent’s richest clubs who would benefit most financially from the competition. It would be a money machine for big clubs to simply take cash out of whenever desired.

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For clubs outside of the European Super League, the competition would be a major slap in the face. It would create a gap between rich and poor like never before. In many ways, it would be like when Major League Baseball squashed independent clubs in the United States forcing smaller clubs to be feeder teams to the big-league franchises. It is likely teams outside of the European Super League would be forced to be feeder clubs providing talent to the super rich.

For an example of the impact the European Super League would have on football, one just has to go back to the early 1990s. In 1992, the Premier League played its first season after the first division clubs broke away from the established top flight. Why? They wanted more money and control. Yet, the difference between the Premier League’s formation and a European Super League is the latter competition would render every other competition meaningless.

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National domestic competitions in England, Germany, Spain, France, and Italy would exist but in a downgraded form. How many football fans would watch the Premier League without the Manchester clubs or Liverpool? The product offered by the Premier League, Bundesliga, La Liga, Ligue 1, and Serie A would be a poor one indeed. Especially with the Premier League potentially losing a handful of teams to the European Super League, the product offered to English football fans would be hit hard.

Of course, it all depends on just what kind of European Super League would be created. This is something that is debated. Although the Der Speigel report indicated the competition would take over for the Champions League, a European Super League that takes teams from their domestic top flight competitions would be even more detrimental to the game.

A European Super League in which the same clubs continually contest the tournament would make all other football competitions pointless. It wouldn’t be long until leagues and clubs folded due to the lack of money available. It is up to the big clubs to ensure the smaller ones remain in existence.

Football in Europe could be at a crossroads. Manchester City’s successful appeal against banishment from the Champions League shows that UEFA’s power to police teams is fragile. A European Super League could be close to fruition, and you wouldn’t bet against it happening within the coming years.

READ: European Super League plans set to be announced - Banner advertising service

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