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Why Cameroon football fans must stop criticizing Conceicao’s selection

Why Cameroon football fans must stop criticizing Conceicao's selection - Banner advertising service

Detailed talk on why Cameroon football fans need to stop criticizing Antonio Conceicao’s list of Indomitable Lions called up for the March 2021 international break.

On the 16 of March 2021, ANTONIO CONCEICAO unveiled his list of 25 players who will take part in the up coming international break. For this truce, Antonio Conceicao has decided to make room for some locals in the territory or in Africa with the presence of Haschou Kerrido, Meyapa, Ako Assomo, Ngwen or Ngah Fabrice. Conceicao left out Cameroon Captain Choupo Moting, N’jei Clinton, Christian Bassongog and many other notable names from his list. However Cameroon football fans and governing body, FECAFOOT had mixed reaction to Conceicao’s list.

Some Criticism of Conceicao’s List

Some say why not enough local footballers? why others argued why the star men were not called and then we could hear some say why call players from second, third and fourth tier leagues abroad?

Why Cameroon football fans must stop criticizing Conceicao's selection
ANTONIO CONCEICAO unveiled his list of 25 players who will take part in the up coming international break

We at braggssports however have decided to look into the matter clearly and here is what we have to say.

Reasons Why Cameroon football fans must stop criticizing Conceicao’s selection

The future of the Indomitable lions is irreversibly European. If you can’t see the trend, it is a deliberate choice to live in denial. Those sports journalists who are stuck in the past and think agitation for local league players makes them patriotic will need a new niche.

Faux nationalism doesn’t cut it anymore. Foreign born players dominating national football teams is the norm and everyone of us got to live with it.

The purpose of the Cameroon League One (Elite One) is not to provide talent for the Indomitable lions. It is for clubs and the league to create economic and social value by offering the best possible sports product to satisfy fans, monetize it and reward players and other personnel fairly.

To minimize the entire essence of the league and measure its progress by how many players from the league get the national team call up is playing to the gallery. The ‘Indomitable Lions’ is for the BEST Cameroonian players anywhere.

CHAN and Local Footballers?

If we localize it to football, there is no player in the league that could have impacted our results at the last AFCON for example. The denigration & mockery of foreign based players is not necessary to show you are passionate about the local league

We all saw the CHAN 2021 held here, these guys were given a chance. Bar Kerrido and Assomo, the rest didn’t take it. And that’s how it works at the top level. You get a chance, you do something memorable. Conçecaõ is not here to allocate quotas.

Why All the shit Conversations like:

“How can Concecao invite this player. He plays in division 2 in France. Or Germany. Or Italy. John Matongo plays in the elite one league here. That is first division.”
Really? You really want us to have that conversation? Let’s respect every player invited and not mock their clubs. Let me tell u this, League 1 clubs in the UK is better than the Cameroon league. I can tell with facts.
         Antonio Concecao for me, has shown a lot of emotional intelligence and maturity off the pitch. No drama. Doesn’t rock the boat. No sense of entitlement or self aggrandizement. He hasn’t constructed the Fecafoot into enemies or adversaries
I really like how he consistently recruits the good young unknown players from several leagues in Europe. Then he slowly integrates them. He’s the best we have had in a long time.
           Every Cameroonian is not good enough to play for the Indomitable lions. The best Cameroon players play abroad or are on their way there. The ones in Cameroon have hardly played any football in an entire year & can’t even qualify for a CHAN they hosted. The national team is for best players.
The level those players are currently playing at is still higher than anything the elite one can aspire to be. The Cameroon elite one is a glorified amateur league that produces players to be better developed by professional leagues. If someone like Banga was that good enough he would be abroad already.

How are the Elite One clubs fairing?

Apart from Coton Sport of Garoua, how many privately sponsored clubs are doing well? Sign-on fees, wages, matchday travel expenses, other logistics, etc. Running a professional football club in this country is capital intensive and not for the fainthearted.
I believe there is a lot of value trapped in the Coton Sport brand. There is more to be made than what the football federation gives them as seasonal budget. The Chinese league has shown us in just 5 years what can happen. Bassogog alone makes more income than the entire Cameroon league.
It can’t be said enough. Coton Sport is one of the biggest brands in Cameroon football and more can be brought out of it if the stakeholders involved take it seriously. The Porto-strategy has to continue.
Porto/Benfica/Sporting & now French clubs are largely incubators of talent. Coton Sport can have a feeder team focused on that to generate income. Emphasis placed on player-models preferred by European clubs. Deliberately teaching tactical intelligence early (because the lack of it is affecting the marketability of African players).


We (Cameroon) had a professional league before Japan. Today, the 18 clubs in the J1 league are worth over £300m. Here we are still bathing and basking in mediocrity, tying down opportunities and prosperity.
The Cameroon professional Football League ecosystem of clubs by estimation burn about One Million CFA per annum. The MLS started after USA 1994. It has become the 5th multibillion dollar league in America with over 20 teams and a waiting list of owners ready to pay the $150m franchise fee.
Justifying an act that damages the prospects of local football because someone else is doing same doesn’t make the act one that is strategic. South Africa have atleast 15 home players for every call up for the Bafana Bafana.
Their league is the 14th most commercially viable league in the world. The Cameroon football league couldn’t even finish its season. These are the standards. - Banner advertising service

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