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Tactical analysis of Luke Shaw’s recent form

Tactical analysis of Luke Shaw's recent form

Player Analysis: A short and concise tactical analysis why Manchester United’s full back Luke Shaw’s form is on the rise daily.

An individual’s performance to an extent is contingent on their teammates. Shaw’s form, is at least partly (likely significantly) due to the dynamics developed with Rashford. Shaw gets represented in chances created etc, but the steps which facilitate that performance are critical.
Ambiguous term into an extent because it varies. However, in this particular instance I think the connection is a crucial explanation behind Shaw’s form, and should create a reticence to carelessly denigrate Rashford because of more direct acts associated with the role.

More Tactical analysis of Manchester United’s Marcus Rashford and Greenwood.

Not to say that Rashford is immune to criticism because of good ‘unseen’ acts. More so, there should be caution in overvaluing particular actions which are more ‘seen’ such as finishing in evaluating overall performance.
Tangentially related, Greenwood has matured massively as a player recently despite a lower goal return because less ‘seen’ aspects like looking up for a pass (perhaps stretching because it was so obvious beforehand). I am more positive now about him compared to 1 year ago.
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