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Player Analysis: Harry Maguire’s Strength and Weakness

Player Analysis: Harry Maguire's Strength and Weakness - Banner advertising service

Manchester United Player Analysis: An honest conversation about Harry Maguire’s Strength and Weakness since moving to Manchester United

Since Harry Maguire’s mega money move to Manchester United from Leicester in the 2019/20 season, there are a lot of stories he has not lived up to his price tag.

We at BraggsSports have decided to make an honest write-up about Harry Maguire’s strength and weakness.

Harry Maguire is just Alright

Is there anyone who thinks Maguire is just alright? So often the takes I read about him are extreme either way. He is/could be Top 5 in the world or should be playing in the Isthmian league. He is really good or really bad.
For me, ‘he’s alright’ is probably the best way to sum up Harry Maguire. Good at some things, not great at others. Most of the time people’s issue seem to be that he’s not Virgil Van Dijk. This is fine, I suppose we always want to compare everyone to the best possible scenario. My babe says I’m alright but I’m no Brad Pitt.

Harry Maguire at Leicester vs Harry Maguire at Manchester United

Was Maguire notable better at Leicester than he has been at Man United? I couldn’t say for certain he was. I think he’s very consistent, what you see is what you get, bread and butter, no frills, ‘oosh’, kind of centre-back. It’s unfair to focus on limitations.

Maguire – Strength and weakness

  • Victim of his price tag-of course.
  • Shouldn’t play on the left of Man United’s back 4 (for many reasons that would require more than one post).
  • Really good in the air and at facing players who are back to goal, good with the ball.
  • His main issue: too slow to defend ample spaces.
I don’t really want to talk about his ball-playing abilities much further because it would become a personal rambling about Manchester United’s system.

Maguire on the right of the back 4?

Regarding what he can provide in a back 4, I would prefer him off the right because his left foot is just nowhere near good enough, to weak over there.
If Manchester United put him on the right and buy a left-footed CB, opponents would be able to exploit the underloaded side (i.e. the right). Switching of play towards someone alone on the right would become more systematic.

Harry Maguire’s Pace?

For now, I think his recovery pace wouldn’t matter much if a fast-paced partner(on the left) is alongside him (e.g. Eric Bailly). Ça lui permettrait aussi d’exploiter la diagonale vers l’ailier gauche sur les longs ballons, il est très très fort pour ça. Do not mind my French, SMILES.
Harry Maguire has a couple of exploitable deficiencies which he tries to mask at times but overall he’s a good CB, honestly. He dives into standing duels which he’s not suited for and he struggles playing a higher line due to his lack of pace and agility
Those are his two biggest issues. The other issues are minor though contributory. I think he’s associated as Ole Gunnar Solkjaer’s man and that gets him a fair bit of unfair stick too. I think both get rated more based on how they look (unconventional, not trendy) rather than what they actually offer. Not to say he’s flawless but he’s in no way a “flop”. - Banner advertising service

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