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Mbappe: I am not Cameroonian. I am French – FAKE

Mbappe: I am not Cameroonian. I am French - FAKE - Banner advertising service

Here is why the Mbappe-Fecafoot news about Kylian Mbappe saying “I am not a Cameroonian. I am a French man” may be fake.

After conducting numerous research on the Mbappe-Fecafoot matter, it seems the news may be fake.

Just few days after being crowned a world Cup Champion in 2018, news broke down that Mbappe’s father, Wilfried Mbappe had denounce Cameroon FA.

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In an article published 2 years ago by an online outlet kahawatungu, it suggest that;

In a widely circulated statement two years ago, Wilfried Mbappe is quoted saying “someone” at the Cameroon FA charged a sum of money he could not part with for his son to be called up to the Indomitable Lions.

“At first, I wanted my son to play for Cameroon but, someone at the Cameroon Football Federation charged a sum of money that I didn’t have to make him play.

The French didn’t charge anything,” the Wilfried Mbappe reportedly said.


According to, and, If such comments have been made, they cannot be traced or verified. They seem to have come out of the imagination of a third person and were popularized by a Ghanaian sports journalist by the name of NANA AGYEMANG. His tweet in English, relaying these statements WITHOUT SOURCE, has been shared over 14,000 times on Twitter and as many, if not more, on other platforms.

A friend of mine also informed me about the situation stating that it was made on air in an interview on French Television Telefoot 1 (TF1) and in a documentary on TV5. I have done my research and there seems to be no source patterning to Wilfried Mbappe saying so.


In his [Wilfried Mbappe] interview with TF1 on July 17, 2018, (on which the fake news was surely based), Wilfried Mbappè remains focused on the prowess of his son and says he is grateful to Didier Deschamps, the coach of the Blues .

“His goal and the World Cup? I cried about it. We dreamed of it, he worked for it and today he is there immediately and just as quickly. I would forever thank Didier Deschamps. It is also his success. It’s our family success, but it’s also the success of a man, it’s Mr. Deschamps. “, He declared on the French television channel TF1.


As speculated on various social platforms, here are the words of Mbappe;

Mbappe: “I am not a Cameroonian. I am a French man. At the beginning of my career, when i was still in the shadows, my father contacted Fecafoot to give me a chance to play with the Cameroon national team. They demanded a huge sum of money from us for me to be able to play for the team. My father who was disgusted by their attitude then turned to France. This France that has given me a chance to show the world what i am capable of. Today that i  have become the most expensive player in the world, Cameroon now calls me and attribute to a nationality which is not mine. I am French and i will remain French.”

Apart from these statements circulating on social media sites, there is no legit other source. I have conducted research to almost 20 top French and European football sites and Televisions but found nothing patterning to Mbappe saying so.

To conclude, the news about Mbappe saying I am not Cameroonian. I am French may have been formulated by someone who has read some of the fake speculations about Wilfried Mbappe [Mbappe’s father] on FECAFOOT with the intention to tarnish or attract likes/Subscribers to his own social media page just like the Ghanaian sports journalist, NANA AGYEMANG did in 2018.

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