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The truth why Mbappe does not play for Cameroon

The truth why Mbappe does not play for Cameroon - Banner advertising service

Kylian Mbappe speaks on why he choses to play for France National team rather than his fatherland Cameroon or motherland Algeria.

Since his [Mbappe] break-through season at Monaco, Mbappe has been under several radars on why he chose to play for France instead of Cameroon.

The 22 years old  PSG attacker’s father is a Cameroonian by name Wilfried Mbappe and his mother Fayza Lamari is Algerian.

The French international has won so many trophies and personal accolades at just 22 years of age. Despite his commitment to the French national team, some media outlets still questions and scrutinize him of not choosing his father’s country Cameroon.

Speaking to Bein Sports on 26th of December 2020, Mbappe rubbished claims he denied to represent Cameroon.

When asked about reports on social media suggesting he didn’t represent Cameroon because his father Wilfred Mbappe was asked to pay money has no truth in it.


Here is what Kylian Mbappe says;

“Yes I heard about this trending on social media before, it was a surprise. From my first professional game at Monaco, I don’t think the other federations had enough time to make contacts with me or my family. Not that of Algeria, not that of Cameroon. I got into the France national team so fast.”

“What is the source of this social media information?” Mbappe asked with a smile.”

“It is unfortunate when people with bad intentions attempts to tarnish our image. Footballers are models for kids out there, so we don’t speak carelessly. Sometimes people without the mandate to speak for us generate and spread all sorts of information without ever having a discussion with us”

“Concerning this issue, I want to categorically state that; I have never made contacts for international football with Cameroon or Algeria”; Mbappe concluded.

Mbappe came through the Clairfontaine Football Academy in France. Mbappe was trained here until he was 14 years old in 2013.

It was suppose to be in 2014 when Brazil was hosting world games when Mbappe’s parents should have approached the Cameroon football authorities Mbappe turned 15.

However, according to some Cameroon logic and sports laws, at 15, Mbappe wasn’t eligible to play for the under 17 national team of Cameroon because of the presidential degree guiding selection of players for that category of the Cameroon team.

Also, a major fall back is that the Cameroon under 17 team was not involved in any major competition which should have help to market the 15 years old Mbappe. - Banner advertising service

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Eyongechaw bright January 22, 2022 at 12:42 pm

But is not too late you can still decide to come back to our country to make us proud

Ricks on May 15, 2022 at 5:13 pm

Please we need legends in Cameroon we are wanting you home because no place replaces home

Ryan December 19, 2022 at 12:08 pm

IT is too late for Cameroon. Besides he was born in Paris so should play for france

An mbappe fan January 12, 2023 at 1:36 pm

It’s a nice decision took by mbappe

It’s too late Cameroon…..


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