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Why Jose Mourinho is struggling in recent times

Why Jose Mourinho is struggling in recent times

Why Tottenham’s coach, Jose Mourinho, one of the best managers in football is experiencing ups and downs in recent times.

Jose Mourinho is widely know as one of the best coaches in the history of the game.

However although he has picked up some trophies since after leaving Real Madrid in 2013, his game plans have not been that of a modern football coach.

Jose Mourinho is widely know for his 4-2-3-1 and at times 4–4-2 formation with a low block and counter attack strategy. A system which many coaches suffer with in top leagues with high profile players.

The current Tottenham boss, Jose Mourinho has lost two back to back matches in the Premier League last week. First against Klopps’ Liverpool then against Brendan Rodger’s Leicester. After watching various Tottenham’s matches starting from their victory against Manchester City, i have drawn few reasons why Jose Mourinho keeps failing at some points in his modern career.


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Unlocking a modern football player

I think were Jose Mourinho has been left behind by the likes of people like Jurgen Klopp is that he doesn’t understand the maximum achievable potential of the modern player.
He only uses 4 to 5 players to their maximum potential. He can’t wrap his head around pressing and technical ability of the modern player.
Football as we know it has revolutionized. Like you will see below in the next reason, teams with top players like Tottenham and even Manchester United  and Chelsea whom he [Mourinho] coached before need to also use their individual brilliance to win games. You cannot unlock the best out of a modern player with just the team play tactics.

Tactical Changes

Like i said before, football as we know it has revolutionized. Coaches are aided with technology to help see the game properly and now how to plan for the next game.

The issue with Jose Mourinho is that he tries to repeat a certain style, strategy or game plan for more than 2 consecutive months and forgets that the game is actually changing a lot.

A good modern coach should have atleast three styles of play with regards to his players and upcoming match and should avoid using one style in more than 2 consecutive weeks. The opposition managers with the help of all these technologically aided devices are always tactical observing the most recent style their next opponent to be [Mourinho] used in their recent games.

The modern game is shaped by Pep Guardiola and Jurgen Klopp (and a bunch of players, of course). One raised the bar of technical quality(Pep) and one raised the bar for intensity and or pressing(Klopp). In general, teams with top players have to use those skills to maximize the best of of a players potential.
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