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The Modern day football coach

The Modern day football coach - Banner advertising service

6 Key factors on how a coach should successful coach a modern football player – The Power of modernization

The modern football game is highly changing and coaches are expected week in week out change training and games plans with regards to their players.

Liverpool’s manager Jurgen Klopp is a true example to some all of these key factors.

Lets take a look at some factors on how a modern football coach should help build his players.

6 Key factors on how to successful coach a modern football player

Highly Confident players

There are some players whom you as a coach may be coaching who may question your tactics while not being disrespectful. They may question your methods and look to see why they should be doing this or that. This could be a huge threat to insecure coaches who may misdiagnose such players as having bad attitudes.

The Social Age

We are in the social age. Almost every professional football player is on social sites like Facebook, WhatsApp, twitter and Instagram. These players have no time to sit down and read news papers these days. Every caring coach must look for possible ways to implement how to pass training data to them through these means.

Independent thinkers

Many players have become independent thinkers. the old way of motivating or praising the whole team as one has gone. Modern football players like individual praises and motivations.

You are on the bench week in week out and get motivated in a team motivating manner like to say ‘you are doing well’, ‘working hard each day’ and ‘keep up the good work’ etc, would you want to hear that? Absolutely not. Every player wants to be individually motivated or even updated about their progress nowadays and the coach must implement this.


Variety and Love for the Environment

In modern football, a coach is now like a parent. Coaches now need to teach players how to deal with new environments in order to kill their boredom.  It has now become a coach’s responsibility to stimulate a players’ mind rather than simply requesting focus and concentration.


Coaches must create an environment where players want to come to practice every day and work hard for the team. All sessions must include the ball along with an enthusiastic, upbeat approach from the coaching staff that will inspire the players when their own energy levels begin to drop.

Let players make their own decisions

People ague that there are three broad styles of leadership – autocratic, democratic, and laissez-faire. The autocratic approach may be required to steer a club through times of crisis. But also, there are other instances in which a more democratic or even laissez-faire leadership style will help the coach get the most from his players.

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