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Why Jurgen Klopp deserves FIFA Best Men coach award

Why Jurgen Klopp deserves FIFA Best Men coach award - Banner advertising service

Opinionated: A walk through two reasons Why Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp deserves the 2020 FIFA Best Men coach award

We have walk through alot of comments on social media saying Jurgen Klopp does’t deserve to win the best Men’s coach ahead of Bayern’s Hansi Flick.

We all know this personal awards has been bias in recent years, Lets say as far back as 2012 for instance. FOr example looking at the votes for some players this 2020 FIFA awards season, we can equally see both fine and bias decisions. For example many fans argue that though Alphonso Davies had a great season, Andrew Robertson should have been ahead of him in the FIFPRO team of the year.

Lets take at the Jurgen klopp vs Hansi Flick case.

First of all Hansi Flick was the favorite considering the massive achievement he had this year/season, while Jurgen Klopp was second to known.

First of all lets not forget what the FIFA awards are for. The Awards are bestowed according to on-field performance and overall behaviour on and off the pitch. 

This means the awards are not for those with the most trophies won, as simple as that. I know a lot of fans and readers will be waiting me to talk about the Liverpool’s 30 years walk some thing like that. No No. FIFA awards are not base on trophies.

We all understand trophies mean everyone who participated gave enough of themselves to win those trophies. But that does not mean we underestimate the works of those who did not win trophies.

Jurgen Kloop vs Hansi Flick 2020 Form

Looking at Jurgen Klopp’s 2020, he is been carrying his team to alot of successful matches despite his early elimination from the Champions League last term. Not to talk of his Premier League winning season point gap he produced as early as March (June per Corona virus pandemic).

Look at Liverpool this season, you smell injuries every where, almost all the first team players have gone through injuries yet where is Liverpool standing at in both Champions League and domestic League?

Hansi Flick ofcourse has done it in the previous Champions league season so well and simple by beating top giants before lifting the Cup. But Should we ask ourselves amongst those teams, which was actually having a well balanced squad at Bayern itself? Barcelona? lyon, PSG?, Lampard’s Chelsea?, Tottemham? Possible i will go for Tottenham and Lyon with respect to a balance team. Even PSG is just an attacking horse.

Check on Hansi Flicks last 8 games between November and December in all competitions and you may sell defeats or poor performances. Why? because of few injuries. This speaks volume when compared to Klopp.  But we still can’t underestimate Flick’s work this year.


Lack of Trophies does not define one’s individual Performances (As the case with Jurgen Klopp)

A faithful reminder that FIFA awards is base on performances and discipline not trophies.

A true illustration here is the case of Messi. Messi’s lack of trophies since 2016 has been a major governing factor in his exclusion from winning or individual awards. Messi’s team may not be helping him enough to win trophies but this should not deceive us from the fact that this guy is still in a class of his own.

The same goes with Klopp. Jurgen Klopp may have won just one trophy but if your players can’t perform match in match out, you can’twin trophies as Flick did.

We at times fail to understand that, trophies alone don’t define your individual brilliance. You will not tell me Niklas Sule had a better 2020 than Virgil Van Dijk just because he [Sule] won 5 trophies compared to Van Dijk.

You can be poor and still win trophies because on one hand, your team mates or so can carry you through. In the same sense, you can also perform well week in week out and still not win trophies.


One things i for sure have appreciated from FIFA awards this season is looking at the individual performances of some rather than just trophies won.

The Jurgen Klopp vs Hansi Flick case can also be seen with the Neuer’s omission from the FIFPRO world XI where Alison was placed. And i for the same reason appreciate this decision by FIFA. Alison who only featured in 29 out of 38 Premier League games kept 13 clean sheets. last season. Neuer may have won all the trophies, but Alison have been ahead of him this year in terms of individual brilliance. - Banner advertising service

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