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Tottenham vs Arsenal Post Match tactical analysis

Tottenham vs Arsenal Post Match tactical analysis - Banner advertising service

Tottenham vs Arsenal Post Match tactical analysis and What is Mikel Arteta’s style of play as Arsenal lost to Tottenham on sunday 6/12/2020

Arsenal lost 2-0 away to Tottenham in the North London derby on Sunday, 6th 2020. Tottenham defeated Arsenal with goals from H Min Son and Harry Kane in the first Half.

Lets take a look on who to blame for Arsenal: Arteta’s style of play or his players?

Looking at Arteta’s tenure and style of play at Arsenal so far.

If you have watched Arteta’s tenure at Arsenal extensively, it’s as clear as day – he is an incredible coach. The problem is upwards of 90% of people don’t take into account the necessary parameters to judge a manager. Just think how top players translate to his systems. Apply context.

Judge Arteta’s systems – not the results, and even performances with shit players. How would they fare with good players in these positions? Would the team create chances, score goals, be compact, play exciting football, whatever. the obvious answer to any of the above questions is obviously YES.
Who is good enough to be in a league winning team from this Arsenal XI? Gabriel + Partey (Arteta’s signings) and Aubameyang are definite. Xhaka can be accommodated and so can Willian and Saka, but they should not be relied upon as main attackers. The rest of Arteta’s men don’t even excel physically, let alone qualitatively.
Arteta’s systems aren’t apt to current needs in terms of time to execute and personnel. A team without the personnel to build attacks and create through quality needs to resort to mainly pressing as a source. Arsenal does not use that.
Arteta’s systems are alright long-term wise, but lack the ingredients for the here and now. Pressing is the ultimate source of creation for teams without the needed personnel, yet neither Arteta revert to it as a main form of chance creation. He [Arteta] cannot be snobby about it.

Hojberg’s masterclass performance, Mourinho’s tactics but can Tottenham win the League?

Another very dominant performance from Hojberg yesterday. Looks like the ultimate Mourinho’s double pivot midfielder. Takes no risks and prisoners. Hojberg consistently does the basics to a very high level.
Son’s goal was a peach, and Kane is obviously annoyingly good at everything these days, but that win was all in the defending for me. That kind of regimented discipline instilled in that team, the ability to battle with a cool head, to shape, block, clear, repeat, is not easy.
Tottenham never looked uncomfortable, they could have defended that area for another three months and they were as clinical as they needed to be. But Arsenal approached the game really well, the biggest crime was in the execution from players who should be (who are) better than that.
To say Tottenham will win the league is however a tad bit too far
I have watched enough of them to know they still have problems vs compact, rigid and disciplined low blocks and sometimes rely on individual moments as a result. It’s unlikely this bails you out over a 38 games season. They however look a very good side with an underrated depth.
It is not improbable, no, but Manchester City and Liverpool have far better methods of winning more games than Tottenham do.
They are also less reliant on two individuals in the way Spurs are. If one of Son or Kane gets injured, they’re in big trouble. I had also back Chelsea over Tottenham HotSpurs to win the League. - Banner advertising service

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