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Griezmann hits back at Griezmann-Messi friendship critics

Griezmann hits back at Griezmann-Messi friendship critics - Banner advertising service

Antoine Griezmann speaks on rumours of his poor relationship with Messi amidst groin concerns over his uncle’s speech and other critics.

Since his move to Barcelona in the summer of 2019 (and even before that), Antoine Griezmann has faced a lot of criticism with the most being the Griezmann-Messi friendship critics.

The £107m signing from Atletico Madrid has struggled to live up to expectations at Camp Nou. Griezmann has manage to score just 17 goals and five assists in 58 appearances for Barcelona, and his underwhelming form on the pitch has coincided of rumours of a poor relationship with Lionel Messi, his managers and pretty much everyone else.

In an interview with Movista +, here is what Antoine Griezmann has to say.

Griezmann on Why He Stays Quiet since joining Barca

“Since I have arrived, since my presentation at Barcelona, I have not spoken. As I said that day, I did not want to speak publicly, I only wanted to do my talking on the pitch. Because I am like that, it is what I do best, to be with the ball at my feet.

“But It’s time to make things clear, right? Because I’ve been putting up with different comments and I’ve had enough of it.”

Griezmann about his Poor Relationship with Barca captain Messi

“There is no problem with anyone. Leave me alone.”
“I spoke with Leo [Messi] when I arrived, and he told me that when I rejected the offer it screwed him up and it hurt him, because he had made public comments. But well, now I was on his side, he told me that he was with me.”
“It’s true that what has been said may generate doubts in the relationship with Leo, but I think he knows very well that I have a lot of respect for him. I see him as a great example, and I think Leo knows it.”

About his documentary before leaving Atletico Madrid

“With the documentary we [Griezmann and co] wanted to show what it’s like to potentially switch clubs.”

“After the documentary my parents got angry with me because they didn’t understand what I did when filming the documentary. Besides, they wanted to see me at Barcelona.”

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About his Relation with his managers at Barca

“I have undergone three different coaches and a global pandemic. I still need time to adapt… There have been comments from everyone, even from candidates for the presidency.”
“Criticism? I accept it, because I know we are not seeing the best Griezmann.”
“My relationship with Setién was normal. When I played five minutes against Atlético, he wanted to talk to me and I told him that he didn’t have to. He asked me until when I would be angry? I still am (laughs).”
Valverde asked me to play on the left to combine permanently with Alba. I noticed his confidence at all times.”

Griezmann on Comments From People Close to Him About Messi

“With Eric Olhats (former agent) I no longer have a relationship.”
“And then my uncle, who doesn’t know what football is about. A journalist comes, he’s with you and wants to get a filthy quote out of you… I told Leo [Messi] that I have nothing to do with them. I don’t even have my uncle on WhatsApp.”
“There are a lot of games between the national team and the clubs, and that’s one of the reasons for the injuries. Any player who misses two months can miss 30 or more games. It’s hellish.” - Banner advertising service

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