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Top 10 World Football’s Most Underrated Strikers

Top 10 World Football's Most Underrated Strikers - Banner advertising service

Top 10 most underrated football strikers in the last 20 years in the world due to poor one side (club or national team) football.

A lot of strikers today are highly underrated in one side (club or national team) of their career in the last 20 years.

The truth be told that strikers polarize fans. You could be a Cristiano Ronaldo in club competitions and be a Andy Carrol in the national team. Or you could still be one man’s Miroslav  Klose in the national team and yet be a Roberto Soldado or a Jozy Altidore in club competitions.

Strikers tend to receive praise and abuse in equal measure, but there are some attackers in world football today who simply do not get the massive amounts of recognition in the whole  game as they definitely deserve due to one bad side or none at all.

Let’s look at my top  10.

1. Olivier Giroud

Does the name ring a bell? perhaps? Could you tell me what club he currently plays for? How many times does he even start for his current club? That tells you how underrated he is. And yes when he is introduced he scores.

Oliver Giroud has always been a mentally resilient player, reason for his never out of form when introduced into the game. Beside the French man is closing in on Thierry Henry’s record with 44 goals score in the French National team. He sits just seven goals away from hitting Henry’s 51 goals for France and is second on the list of highest scorers in France history. He is also got a whooping 225 club goals. He has netted 29 times in 94 appearance fr Chelsea with most of the time coming from the bench.

A guy who is underrated for being a top top striker for both his clubs and National team. Just imagine that.

2. Javier Hernandez

Hernandez was dubbed the next Manchester United‘s diminutive Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.

However, much like his Norwegian predecessor, Hernandez was seen in some quarters as more of an effective supersub rather than the extremely talented finisher that he undoubtedly was.

Hernandez may had been seen playing and scoring regularly, but it was not enough to shake the nickname of “The New Baby-Faced Assassin.” A player who has scored 158 goals so far in club games and even holds the record for most goals (52) for his national team. That is how unrecognized Hernandez is to club football.

3. Diego Milito

In his days at Inter Milan, when ever you need goals, you need Milito. That is Milito we saw togethr with Eto’o demolish the mighty Barcelona in the Champions League semi’s. a Legend in club competitions as regarded by fans but Milito has almost no recognition in the national team. I can tell you many of his own fans do not know which country he came from.

Yes he scored just four (4) times in 25 appearances for Argentina but yes that should not make him a no good striker.

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4. Miroslav Klose

Bayern Munich’s decision to let Miroslav Klose go is regarded by some as one of the biggest transfer blunders of all time.

Klose’s prolific goal-scoring is known worldwide, and Lazio were more than happy to take the second-top scorer in the history of the World Cup off their hands.

The now 42-year-old’s international record is almost unbelievable, and it seems that the only people on the planet who do not rate Klose were Bayern themselves.

A truly baffling decision.

5. Mario Mandžukić

Do you recognize the name? Of-course you do. But have you seen him play for upto five season in any club? Did he at Bayern Munich? what about Dinamo Zagreb? Athletico Madrid? Juventus? That tells you how underrated he is with crazy figures of goals (214) in 548 club game.

A legend in his home nation who has scored 33 times in 89 appearance is a club to club merchant. This baffles me a lot.

6. Antonio Di Natale

Udinese‘s frontman is lethal personified.

Antonio Di Natale has won the prestigious Capocannoniere, the Serie A’s top scorer award for two seasons, scoring 29 in 38 in 2009/10, 28 in 38 in 2010/11 and 23 in 36 in 2011/2012. The man who scored 227 goals for Udinese alone and a whooping 300 career club goals.

Read those figures again. Di Natale possesses a truly remarkable record. But will the Italian go down as one of the most feared strikers of all time? Even after his 11 goals in just 42 appearance for Italy, does his name ring a bell for the national team?

It’s unlikely, and that’s a real shame.

7. Shinji Okazaki

Japan’s star forward currently plies his trade with LaLiga side Huesca after being plucked from Brendan Rodger’s Leicester City side.

Okazaki has scored 122 club goals in 481 games. The guy who has scored 50 times for his nation [Japan] is ti to be heard by many football fans.

But be honest, have you heard any rave reviews about this 34 years old talented forward? What about during his best days at Stuttgart and Leicester (the only top clubs he played for).

Thought not.

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8. Wissam Ben Yedder

Will Ben Yedder ever get recognized some day? Almost always getting called to the national team but does he play? We are talking about a player who has never been trusted by any of his clubs but yet he has eye staggering number of club goals (175) in just 373 games. No trust from the big clubs right?

The Monaco striker has played just 11 games for France scoring twice. And he is already 30.

9. Vincent Aboubakar

A top striker in his nation, Cameroon (23 goals in 65 appearance) is no where to be heard in club football. What a shame.

Aboubakar’s career has been plagued with a lot of injuries of course. But that is no excuse to not hear reviews about him. Imagine scoring 116 times in 297 club games. That is insane. His name should be up there with the likes of Drogba (no disrespect)  with respect to goal scoring prowess.

10. Mirko Vucinic

The Serbian-Montenegrin striker, Mirko Vucinic has never quite received the adoration he truly deserves.

-A tireless runner, the 37-year-old played over 140 times in five years for Roma before his move to Juventus

He may not be your typical predatory striker, and he does receive a lot of criticism for this, but there’s no doubt that he always gives 100 percent. Think again- the guy who gets criticize always has 152 club goals to his name.

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