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Kroos: We are simply puppets for both FIFA and UEFA

Kroos: We are simply puppets for both FIFA and UEFA - Banner advertising service

A look at Real Madrid’s Midfielder, Toni Kroos words: “we are simply puppets for both FIFA and UEFA” on plans for a European Super League.

In a podcast with Einfach Mal Luppen, Toni Kroos was asked about his thoughts on plans for the European Super League. Here are his words;

Unfortunately, we players don’t decide these things, We are simply Puppets of FIFA and UEFA. If there were a players’ union, we would not play the Nations League or the Spanish Super cup in Saudi Arabia. These competitions are intended to absorb everything financially and squeeze players physically too. Everything does not have to be more, faster, more money”

I have looked into these words of Kroos more than ten times and i can only find Kroos being generally right but specifically wrong.

The German, Toni Kroos maybe generally correct because a lot of games played within shorter time frame indeed impact the players physical well being a lot. Players are not machines created to run 10Km in 90 minutes twice or thrice a week. We are just talking of time spent playing a competitive game, what about time spent on training, flights etc. Does FIFA and UEFA really think it doesn’t affect their physical and mental states?

Solution: Let FIFA and UEFA sort this out as simple as that.

Kross is also specifically or specially wrong. Do you know why? Take a look at Kroos’ transfer twist before his move from Bayern Munich to Real Madrid.

The man who actually left Bayern Munich because they didn’t want to pay him the crazy money he wanted. Do these players hear themselves?

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First of all, these players wages are exorbitant. Clubs need to exhaust all revenue sources. Ask Kroos to take a pay cut and see what happens. They play many games but they don’t do it for free be it club or country.

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I would personally not blame, FIFA and UEFA nor the governing bodies of clubs for organizing more games or competitions. If they [FIFA /UEFA] don’t do so, where does the capital come to pay the huge players wages?

Solution: Let the players and their agents sort out their wage negotiation policies.

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