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What is wrong with Paul Pogba in recent times?

What is wrong with Paul Pogba in recent times? - Banner advertising service

The last one/two seasons have seen people complain about a decline in Pogba’s performances in his games, but what is wrong with Paul Pogba?

A lot of Pogba-talks has been about his defensive qualities but not many are discussing his offensive ones, his actual strengths. This season, in almost every offensive area, he has performed considerably worse than ever before. That’s a damning fact regarding his performances.

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If you want to look at a player’s true decline in performance levels then don’t look at his already-established weaknesses to see if they’ve gotten weaker. Rather, look at his strengths. With Pogba, in every category he’s considered ‘strong’ there’s been a monumental drop off.

Regardless of how bad Man United have been over the years, Pogba has consistently been ranked amongst the best CMs in the world for pass progression with all its varieties. However, this season his quality has dropped by almost a full 100% in some areas.

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What is the reason?

That’s a different conversation. The point I’m making is don’t focus on a player’s weaknesses to see if they have gotten weaker. Rather, focus on their strengths to see if they’ve gotten worse and Pogba’s dropped off massively in this regard

I do not personally think “Pogba has declined” as anyone who knows football will know that it doesn’t work like that. You don’t just go from one of the best in the midfielders in the world in some attributes to average in the space of a few months. Rather, there are other factors that i am sure will get dealt with.

Again, this (early) season could be an outlier – scheduled congestion/no pre-season. Also, no one knows for sure how covid-19 can affect a person but we all know for sure the pandemic has given us some crazy matches.

The Question is, will he come good again? Pogba-bly! - Banner advertising service

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