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AFCON Q: Cameroon vs Mozambique Post-Match Analysis

AFCON Q: Cameroon vs Mozambique Post-Match Analysis - Banner advertising service

Post-Match Analysis for Cameroon vs Mozambique in the AFCON qualifiers as Cameroon over-shadowed Mozambique with a 4-1 win.

Cameroon won Mozambique 4-1 thanks to goals from Vincent Aboubakar (2), Anguissa, and Njei Clinton and Kamo-Kamo who scored Mozambique’s only goal.

In this post-match analysis, I have little to say about Mozambique because 90% of their time was spent doing nothing- everything poor.

Team Brilliance but lack of communication upfront..

Firstly, Cameroon as a team overall was brilliant in the back and midfield. With attack I cannot say. Massive improvement needed upfront. Though Cameroon managed to score four pass Mozambique will refuse to let go of lack of communication upfront. A lot of chances which would have let to a better play in the final third all got wasted due to lack of communication.

Also, at one stage of the game, a 4-3-3 to 4-2-3-1 could be seen, which meant it’s more difficult to control matches positionally because of fewer passing triangles. As such players who were tasked to play in intervals, Bassogog and Ngamaleu became poor there.

Yet pressing also changed dramatically. A reducing of space upper mids like Zambo and Djoum excel at in one stage of the game.

The loss of upper midfielders in positional advantage behind opponent midfield line within the opponent’s “squares” was well documented at some points of the game. More that it is what happens out of possession, which can be just as important and decisive. Had Kunde come on to play that #6 role would have made Anguissa to be more rotational. Conseçao been impressive in the game all round.

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On Mozambique’s side, the team is so distorted that even common passes are not made accurately. The team had every reason to concede more than four goals. Too poor in every department of the game as a team, though the few changes during the second phase of the game brought in some freshness in their game play. I had prefer to leave it here.

Individual Brilliance

Individually with regards to Cameroon, some players were superb, while others were still finding their forms. Could that be a lack of game time in their respective clubs or issues with positional changes?

The two Central back pairing of Castelletto and Moukoudi were awesome.

However, it seems as the years are progressing, Oyongo is degrading. You may find it hilarious or like slating him but yes Oyongo seems to make every pass back to the Central Backs (CB) or to the Goalkeeper (GK). Can someone tell him we are in 2020?-Progressive football at some stages.

Then there is Bassogog whose first touches seems like he hasn’t played professional football for a decade. You had remove Bassogog and put in the Mozambique team you will wander he had get no credit for anything during the game.

Toko Ekambi? A good football with poor finishing and poor delivery. Poor communication in almost every final third moves. I prefer to leave it here.

Aboubakar is that striker Cameroon has been lacking since the last time Cameroon played a nice and entertaining game, possibly since the AFCON 2017 finals. Position secured until he is 35 years old. SMILES.

Overall, the players were brilliant individually.

Mozambique? I will still not say a thing about them because individually no one impressed. But the worst will be their goalkeeper, they guy can latterly sell even a 5-0 lead in no time.

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