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How to be a Barcelona fan in 2020

How to be a Barcelona fan in 2020 - Banner advertising service

The content ‘How to become a Barcelona fan in 2020’ is a brief explanation on who a Barcelona fan is, what to do as a Barcelona fan.

‘Més que un club’ means more than a club in Catalan. Not many clubs have been influenced more by political perspectives like Barcelona in the past years.

First of all there is the existence of the term ‘Culer’ which is the singular of ‘Culé’. That’s the common term used to call a Barcelona fan. What ‘non Barça’ fans mis-interprete daily. To make things clearer, a Blaugrana is from Catalonia but a Culer is worldwide. Meaning a culer represents the globe and a Blaugrana represents the Catalans. But both are 100% Barcelona fans.

Now, talking about the stadium. There is no such term as ‘Nou Camp’. The only word used to call the stadium Barcelona play in is the ‘Camp Nou’. Catalan pronounce it as ‘Kam Now’ which means new stadium.

It is very easy to tag “Barcelona fans” by certain traits. It’s not a tribe and as such, we do not speak the same language. There isn’t a set of well-defined behaviours for Culés alone. Here, however, are some ways to truly become an Barcelona Fan.

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Love the club;

I don’t mean to be captain obvious but to become a Barcelona fan, you must firstly love the club (duhhh!!). You need to grasp what the club stands for and that is playing beautiful football. Barcelona has a beautiful history and being one of the most decorated clubs in football history. While European trophies still eludes us, with just 5 Champions Leagues. Having the longest streak of Champions League Appearance by any La Liga Club. So if and when you decide to become a Barcelona fan, you must know that you are about joining a big club with a really large fan base.

Passion for the Game;

If you are coming to Barcelona to win trophies, my friend, it is in abundance. Barça fans always pride themselves with the tiki taka history, in their beautiful aesthetic style of play. The seamless transition from defence to attack, deft touches, exchange of passes; it is almost unreal at times. To be a Barcelona fan, you must be passionate about the club and the game, and not just hunt for trophies. We won’t “park the bus” just to win a trophy. That’s the typical Barça DNA.

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High Tolerance for Heartbreaks

Yes, my man (and woman), you will have your heart broken, torn to pieces, shattered, cooked and served to you to eat (LOL, I know this isn’t biologically possible but you get the point). Barcelona fans are probably the fan base that has suffered the biggest calamities in the current champions league lately. Especially the previous 3 seasons. Getting spanked by Roma, Liverpool and having the biggest humiliation ever in a Knock out stage vs Bayern Munich.

Banter, Banter and More Banter

Culés are well known for their bants; a real Barcelona fan can never be out-bantered. It’s almost part of the make-up of a true Culer. When fans of other clubs try to rub our trophyless/defeat run in our faces, we’ve always had the most apt responses.

A true Blaugrana can never be silenced, but can you blame us? When you get to watch the magic touches, the mazy runs, and the close control of Messi weekly, it is difficult to not boast about such things (which have severally been misconstrued for banter). We absolutely don’t care actually. It’s not our fault that our biggest player scores goals and give incredible assists while that of some other clubs is changing hairstyles and learning the new dance steps (I couldn’t resist!)


There is no right or wrong way to becoming a Barcelona fan. No manual of any kind stating the rules and regulations to support the club. You just need to be passionate about the club and support them through thick and thin. Visca Barça, Visca Catalonia! That’s the say every Culer screams before and after every game. Whether win, draw or loss. That’s it, the Barca DNA - Banner advertising service

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