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Premier League: Man City vs Liverpool post-match analysis

Premier League: Man City vs Liverpool post-match analysis - Banner advertising service

Premier League: Man City vs Liverpool post-match analysis as it ended yesterday with a 1-1 draw at the Etihad Stadium 8/11/2020

Teams Setup

After re-watching the City vs Liverpool game, i can say was an unreal lineup from Klopp. Four (4) out and out forwards to attack Man City. I reckon it was a 4-2-2-2 (though some see it as 4:2:3:1) with a box midfield.
So less of 4 out and out forwards; more like 2 of them would work in midfield to prevent getting overrun. Liverpool was set up to counter Man City’s dominance in the centre and kill them in transitions.
I thought Man City might have been playing a 4-3-3 at one stage, despite initially presuming they were playing the 4-2-3-1, but my initial suspicions turned out to be correct, and the 4-3-3 was just situational.
Both teams had passing in midfield and a constant presence in the second phase for defensive stability. Both teams also have balance between the lines behind a top class forward. A nice balance of creativity and penetration within both forward lines. Superb teams from Klopp and Pep.
There’s nothing in it from a qualitative or tactical perspective, although the bookies favored City quite heavily. It’s a razor tight game but I think Liverpool’s mentality gave them the edge. Liverpool are fine in end-to-end games. That’s to say Liverpool relish the battle. Man City prefer calmness.
Both managers really gave their team the best possible chance of winning.

Positional Analysis

Jordan Henderson

Henderson is everything that is wrong with football to me but right with Modern day football. A player who is a willing runner. Occupies multiple positions and can be an effective organizer.
First time in his [Henderson] career that Henderson would start for any Premier League side. Even though I maintain his best years were 13–15. There are just not many good all-round CMs in the league especially with organizing ability. All round meaning speed, strength, stamina; positioning in any midfield role; ball winning, passing; sweeping behind the front 5, play as the fourth attacker; Play fast or slow based on game state etc. Henderson can basically do all for you like you saw vs Man City.

Gundogan and Rodri in Midfield?

There is no way Pep wins the Premier League with Gundogan and/or Rodri in midfield. It was not a good match-up in the game but ultimately didn’t hurt the transition defense in the second half. First half transition needed a mobile defender to cover the middle to left side. Bernardo, Foden or so fit in there well.
Gundogan seemed to move into the left half space between the lines to get positional superiority for Man City once Liverpool are defending their box. Otherwise he’s in the double pivot, so Man City are more 4-2-3-1 than 4-3-3. Dangerous for defensive reasons, but they can create from it.

Diogo Jota’s overall form?

I don’t think Jota is in that good overall form. His dribbling and weight of passes have been off all season, but in the key scoring moments he turns into prime Aguero. But it’s just what Liverpool excel in. I don’t really look for a solid technical base but concentrate on players with a natural appetite for duels plus key essential skills based on role.

Sadio Mane- what a player

Mane has so much fight in him, what a footballer. My goodness. World class from Mane. Running across the man man-marking you is so effective. Worst case scenario you get fouled and get a free kick/penalty, if not you break free. That’s his [Mane] strength. Honestly, he can do it to who ever he wants. Maybe just Messi is better than him in that aspect.
Your Thoughts??
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Lufong Cedrick November 9, 2020 at 4:17 pm

Good game though I expected more goals given that Jesus came back, Klopp played the ‘fantastic four’ but unfortunately it ended 1-1. Both teams disbursed a lot of energy such that they had heavy legs from the last third of the game. The penalty miss too was another match winning key moment


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