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CAF Champions League: Semi-finals and finals Postponed

CAF Champions League: Semi-finals and finals Postponed - Banner advertising service

MEDIA RELEASE: TOTAL CAF Champions League Semi-finals and finals Postponed to an unspecified date and fans are not happy.

The Confederation of of African Football has released a press concerning the postponement of the semi finals and the finals of Total CAF champions League. The Competition has been seen a lot of matches being postponed since it’s resumption amidst the corona virus pandemic.

In the CAF press release, the body states:

“Discussions continue between clubs and CAF experts to find a pattern complying with regulations and returning to play spirit. At this stage, the postponement of semi finals of Zamalek vs Raja is certain. Constructive spirit on both sides”.

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“At the request of Egyptian authorities, the final is now postponed.Official discussions are underway to find a new and suitable date. Stakeholders are working in good faith and consultations are ongoing”.

However some fans have expressed their dissatisfaction with CAF’s decision to keep postponing games just because one of the team is been hit by Covid-19 positive cases.

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Fans Reaction on CAF’s Official Facebook page

lets take a look at some fans reactions from CA’s official Facebook page.

* “You are a bunch of corrupt officials.. postponing a match because of corona hitting a team instead of expelling that team from the competition.
Again and again you are a disgrace to the international football family.. the FIFA should ban the continent from excercising any football activity.
You all belong to the history dustbin.”
* “Why it was called the African Union of African Football? I hope that its name will be changed to the Moroccan Football Federation or Tunisia. Both are the cause of the corruption of African football
May God have mercy on Amr Fahmy, former secretary of the federation
Welcome to the heart of the corrupt continent”
* “An African Union will remain shameful, corrupt, and late, and African football will not advance in the presence of an era of thieves, corrupt and corrupt people in this brown continent. All this is to satisfy the federation of a certain country in order to help it to take the championship without getting tired and dirty the union of a side in the whole of Africa. Omar Fahmy said that you are nothing but A gang of bribed and traitorous thieves Al-Ahly, Zamalek and Egypt will remain the leaders of the continent, despite your nose, they are corrupt”.
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