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Manchester United Tactics: Ole G Solskjaer’s blueprint

Manchester United Tactics: Ole G Solskjaer's blueprint

Analyzing on “Manchester United Tactics: Ole G Solskjaer’s blueprint” and why it is a problem and not a solution for Manchester United.

Braggssports after re-watching the Man United’s 0-0 draw game vs Chelsea on 24/10/2020;
Solskjaer, I don’t think he (or the Man United coaching staff) are great coaches. Man United’s possession structure (regardless of profiles) lacks obvious details across most phases, their pressing lacks timing, cover and coordination.
I second their intensity problems. But for anyone to say Man United are structurally brilliant is a big lie. Solskjaer appears to be a better manager than he is a coach.
The conversation is not about player daftness though. The responsibility of the coach is to have principles in all phases and identify, improve profiles, players fitting the roles. How does Man United progress the ball? How do they defend high (their pressing is not fine…).
I get that you don’t get the ball in the zones you want every time. But I simply do not think (after seeing 95% and re-watching 80% of Manchester United’s games post corona) there are coached/rehearsed patterns or structures to aid ball progression.
United did a lot post lock-down with Pogba and Matic. Pogba and Matic are brilliant progressors. The issue is that Pogba won’t play that role for 38 games though. So why not make it easier for less technical players to progress/receive the ball?
Manchester United’s defensive transitions is another major worrying sign. Re-watched Newcastle’s goal. How come the entire shape is distraught after a run? The issue is more deep-rooted than Shaw himself. Their entire reorganization process after the sequence is bad. Let them sort this out

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