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Barcelona vs Real Madrid El Clasico 2020: Post-match reaction updates and analysis

Barcelona vs Real Madrid El Clasico 2020: Post-match reaction updates and analysis - Banner advertising service

Ansu Fati scored Barcelona’s 400th goal in the history of El Clasico in all competitions.

Lionel Messi has gone 515 minutes without scoring against Real Madrid in all competitions.

Match Reactions

Cristiano Ronaldo‘s reaction after Real Madrid beat Barcelona 3-1 in the Clasico at the Camp Nou.


Cristiano Ronaldo's Reaction on twitter on Real madrid's el clasico win over barcaRonald Koeman: “If they catch you in the front, you have to fall forward and not backward. For me, it’s not a penalty.”

Luis Suarez Miramontes (on Carrusel Deportivo): “I don’t know who is playing on the right, on the left… you can’t understand anything at all! If this is Dutch football, we’d better change it.”

Ronald Koeman: “The penalty is incomprehensible. We haven’t had any VAR decisions in our favour in any games.”

Sergio Ramos: “[Clement] Lenglet’s marking went to the limit, he grabbed me when I tried to jump. To judge the referee by such a clear [foul] is unfair. Sometimes they get it right and sometimes they don’t. The penalty was quite fair.”

Juan Andujar Oliver: “[Juan] Martinez Munuera is wrong to point for a penalty. [Clement] Lenglet grabs [Sergio] Ramos, but every Sunday you’d have to whistle 15 or 20 [penalties for this]. I would never have whistled it.”

Match Analysis

Braggssports will base all the analysis on the defeated team-Barcelona. Here are some of our key questions to analyze on.

Does Barcelona Needs a True 9?

Should Messi get a change in Position or Role?

Barca need to occupy the 9 position better. That doesn’t mean you need a 9. In fact a 9 can make you more predictable
It gives the other team a reference point. And you essentially lose a player, as did Barca today. Hence why possession was 50-50
Barcelona need to grow and eventually play for Messi (as Madrid did for Cristiano Ronaldo). When he [messi] plays as a 10 the teams tends to play around him.
Ansu Fati as a fixed 9 is a good solution vs teams that come to the Camp Nou to play next to their keeper. He has the ability for it too. However Madrid have very good players and without fans the pressure is lower. You need to harass the ball carrier (Ramos/Kroos). Leo Messi won’t do that.
Last week he [koeman] played Messi as a Right Winger. Today as a 10. Both times the team looked weaker than usual. As a 10 Messi tends to have too much weight.
It relies too much on him to build up, to create. And the team look for him [Messi] too much. As a 9 it allows him [Messi] to be the joker card.
Everything goes through him[Messi]. Barca needs to give them [other players] more responsibility. Unlike the Paulinho/Rakitic/Aleix Vidal days, Barcelona actually have good players now.

I repeat, Messi as a false 9 can score 30, 40 or 50 goals. I don’t know. But I know the team will press well, it will build up well. Barca needs 9 players + Messi.

Not even 8 players compensating for Messi and a random number 9. That’s how you get slapped in Europe.

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Enough of those Messi’s fans want a fixed 9 because they care more about his numbers than Messi himself. As it gives him more space.
At one point you need to wonder if it’s worth jeopardizing the shape of the team. Also without a fixed 9 I wonder if it will oblige Messi to stay higher.
Again I repeat: Barca actually have good midfielders now. In fact for the 1st time since Iniesta left Barca actually have better midfielders than forwards.
Messi will have time to be a fixed 10 later. That time has not yet arrived. Look at how he murdered Ramos.

Koeman got it wrong?

Yes the penalty changed the game but the way Koeman didn’t react is worrying. And then when he reacted he just threw in every attacking player he had.
Barcelona vs Real Madrid | El Clasico 2020: Post-match reaction, updates and analysis
Completely destroying the shape of the team. Only average coaches think attacking more is equal to attacking better. He [Koeman] needs to be smarter, he’s already shown to have bigger balls.
The fact that Pedri, Busquets and Coutinho played the whole game when they should have been half time subs is also worrying
Koeman worked all season on a strong team behind Messi only to play Messi as a 10 vs Madrid is equal to weak Midfield/pressing.
Obviously it hurts but bigger picture. This defeat has almost certainly voted out Bartomeu. He’s not coming back from this. I had prefer Barca to give away back the 2015 treble for it to happen. - Banner advertising service

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