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settling issues surrounding chance creators in football

settling issues surrounding chance creators in football - Banner advertising service

The subject “settling issues surrounding chance creators in football” is an analytical approach on why football pundits and some analyst generally should generally rate a play-maker’s qualities in attack base chances created.

Football statisticians need to review the concept of “assists”. There has to be a more accurate way of measuring creativity than simply noting who touched the ball last before the goal.

When are we gonna address chance creation vs assists and which one is a more sensible way to judge a player?

Actually I’m ready. This is for the players with primary responsibility to create chances for their teams of course. So 10’s or CAM’s.

How can you place so much emphasis on an outcome determined 100% by player B (the finisher) to judge player A (passer)?

If player A sends a perfect pass to player B and B misses. Why does this go on to affect player A in terms of less assists?

If u put 2 play-makers behind 2 different forwards, and both create same number of chances, it’ll depend on the forwards.

So why not look at the parameter that actually judges the ability of the 10 or CAM? Which is chance creation. This is truly common sense.

When i watch David Silva and see the amount of chances he creates or Verratti or Thiago. Or u guessed it, De Bruyne. That’s the key for me

The outcome of the chance they created is totally independent of their ability. Meaning the goal scorer should be good enough to score some of these chances

If it’s classified as a big chance, it’s already a high quality chance that the receiver is reasonably expected to score. Assists tell absolutely nothing compared to big chances created

BCC, key passes, final ⅓ passes, passes into the penalty area and progressive passes. Loads of other things. But people will hold onto assists alone

There are other, more accurate metrics that people generally ignore. And more are being created to properly represent plays leading to the creation of big chances & general impact of players in the attacking third

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On EPL site for example, there is a place for aggregate, those with highest assists. When FPL wants to make a deeper analysis, they break down to other tangibles. But i have noticed fans hate aggregates when a player not fancied is involved.

Someone like Ashley Barnes,(no disrespect) can have 8 assists by virtue of flicking the ball 1 metre on to someone who scores. While a creator could get 2 assists due to his created chances being wasted

These other stats are often ignored by those who don’t know them and choose to ignore to fit an agenda. Chances created, expected assists, key passes, xg chains and build ups, and even watching someone’s simple movement e.g Müller are the expected right metrics to me. Above all it’s just the eye test. - Banner advertising service

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