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Analyzing Samuel Eto’o Fils’ ‘Barcelona is Messi’ comment.

Analyzing Samuel Eto’o Fils’ ‘Barcelona is Messi’ comment. - Banner advertising service

Analyzing Samuel Eto’o Fils’ ‘Barcelona is Messi’ comment: Messi has been greatly known for his dedication to Barca and his contribution to helping the club win numerous honors.

However with their recent defeat against Bayern Munich coupled with the others against Roma and Liverpool in the Champions League, there is fire in Barcelona. Rumours coming in from every corner about Messi to exit Barca, Bartomeu to resign, 17 players put on sale while Setien is already sacked.

We at are looking to see into a comment made by former Cameroon and Barcelona international Samuel Eto’Fils about Messi being Barcelona.

In an interview with ytc sports, Samuel Eto’o said: “I think that the luck we have in Barcelona is to have the best player of all time and we have to do everything so that Messi finishes his career in Barcelona”.

“Messi is like my son. I love him as much as a son and I always want the best for him. Barcelona is Messi. I think that if Messi decides to leave, then we have to try to change the club’s name”.

You will be asking yourselves is he [Eto’o] right or just altering blunders like everyone does.

One of our analyst at is here to comment:

“It’s crazy to see how much power Messi has to this club. Whether that’s a good thing or not, I’m not sure. One things for sure, if Messi wants Josep Bartomeu out, these rumours would be the way to do it 100%. Unreal bullying this will be.

With all that Messi’s done at the club, there’s always going to be an uncomfortable dynamic. He is a living legend and people respect his authority.

However, that is a double edged sword. It also means that there’s an uncomfortable power sharing at the top right now.

With a dichotomy of power, there will always be a problem with bringing in new coaches/managers and players.

People look up to Messi, both on and off field and look for his approval. That is not to say he hasn’t earned that recognition, of course.

Moreover, the preservation of Messi’s happiness and his authority thereby is integral to Bartomeu’s reign.

His on-field work disguises Bartomeu’s shit decisions and his off field image guarantees revenue. Bartomeu cannot afford to upset the apple cart. So he doesn’t

Is any of this on Messi? No, of course not. Does this make him a bad person, any lesser of a player? Definitely not”.

“This is how authority works. Messi’s talent and consistency is so frightening that naturally people gravitate towards him for answers. That speaks volumes.

However, that can hinder a club’s ability to instill a streamlined source of authority and decision making.

Even if it may be time, I’m unsure whether Barça can even afford to let Leo go, due to footballing and commercial reasons.

The incompetency of power at the centre, however, is what has created this mess. Bartomeu’s sickening attempts at appeasement have instead moved the power away from him”.

“Under a competent board, the extent of this would be dramatically lesser.

I had like to add the fact that due to the board’s disjointed thinking, they haven’t even been able to get the deals done that were preferred by the seniors.

And then there’s the fake Neymar saga. OMG I have no words for such shameful actions by appointed leadership”

I can definitely conclude that Samuel Eto’o Fils’ comments about Barcelona is Messi is 100% accurate.


A Barca fan writes after 8-2 defeat by Bayern Munich - Banner advertising service

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