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A Barca fan writes after 8-2 defeat by Bayern Munich

A Barca fan writes after 8-2 defeat by Bayern Munich - Banner advertising service

A Barca fan writes after their recent 8-2 humiliation by Bayern Munich in the Champions League Quarter finals.

I find it fitting that one of our jerseys next season are all-black. Because this upcoming season is going to be a damn funeral beloved.

From yesterday’s result, and the last few years, Barcelona have the highest hater fan base and I am prepared to bet my money at any level of currency if I had the chance to.

This is actually something I would’ve said earlier but don’t mind me, I was busy chatting shit with a babe of mine who supports fucking PSG. I’m lucky her own Semedo got murdered yesterday.

Somehow, Barca’s travails in Rome, Liverpool and the complete decapitation yesterday against Bayern Munich feels like poetic justice to me.

At our peak, players were just as brutal on opponents and the fans relished every bit of it and bragged imperiously. Good to see us [Barca] taste many doses of our own medicine.

I can’t blame fans of other teams for tap-dancing on Barça’s grave. Everyone loves a comeuppance.

It is only natural to enjoy watching a team that humiliated everyone to get humiliated (three years running). Football is cyclical. You win, you lose, you’re arrogant, you get humbled.

That is sport (and life too, really). To have a winner you need a loser, and no one always stays winning

This club has already given me enough joy for a lifetime, so what’s a bit of pain? That’s the deal. You can rough it out, or you can call it quits. I’ll always take the former and do my love to the club.

It is very easy for me to say, because fans of the vast majority of smaller clubs – meant with no disrespect – have it much, much worse.

And big clubs don’t tend to stay down for very long. Barça will be back, maybe not to the same level, but they will be back.

How long that takes for Barcelona to be back will be anyone’s guess, but even now you can’t – at least for me – rule them out domestically.

If your sole benchmark is the Champions League, or more specifically Champions League domination, well, that could be a LONG wait. For me that’s irrelevant, because my support is unconditional.

Yesterday proved finally to be a nail in the coffin of the end of Barça’s golden cycle. Time to go back to basics.

New president, big summer clear-out, no more Galactico signings, trust the kids and build around a manager with a project/vision. You can’t have big salaries and “you get to play with Messi” as the only pull factor.

A Barca fan writes after 8-2 defeat by Bayern Munich
A Barca fan writes after 8-2 defeat by Bayern Munich

Barcelona’s pull for the world’s best players is over. Club isn’t the one that Guardiola left, but a dysfunctional mess where careers go to die.

Dembélé, De Jong*, Griezmann and Coutinho, all big signings that haven’t worked well so far, I wouldn’t dare to sign for the club if the offer came in 2020. Worrying factor is Bayern Munich bought Sané, Alphonso Davies, Süle, Goretzka, Gnabry, Kimmich, Lewandowski, Thiago, Coman & Boateng for less money (£139.6m) than the £142m Barcelona paid for Philippe Coutinho. Yes some of the Bayern signings listed above where done like 5 or more years ago when transfer values where still low but still doesn’t make sense for Barca signing a player more costly than them all.

Then Barca loaned Coutinho to Bayern, who then assisted/scored the 6th, 7th & 8th goals against us. If u can’t understand, then this sport is not for you.

Football evolved in a certain direction. You either catch up with that or drown in your own nostalgia of glorious past.

We have the core values and principles in our football style to succeed. But we need to pick the “new” elements of the current football ingredients and perfect us [Barca].

The place we are in now is an outcome of three main factors:

Squad decay

Identity crisis

And management appointments.

We can’t look at what is going to happen next without really talking about these points.

With the 3 elements being interrelated (possibly none will be a popular take), let’s just start with the squad decay. Here is a flowchart: The last 3 managers, Lucho, Valverde, and Setien reached the same conclusions when they tried to maximize squad performance. Coincidence?

Barcelona will not be able to select a proper manager nor building a proper squad as long as we have that nostalgic identity crisis that puts pressure on any manager to do things a certain way that doesn’t work anymore. But I will leave that part for later. If I have to talk about management appointments, is that even necessary? Just look at the Sporting director Eric Abidal’s decision, type of managers recruited and so on, I will leave the rest for next time.

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